Winkle Monthly Subscriptions: How They Work, Why You’ll Love Them

With your monthly subscription, your child will be sent 4 STEM based DIY style projects every month. Did we say 4? Yes we did!

You get to choose from three boxes so it’s the perfect fit for your family.

Fun for One: 4 DIY projects every month

Two can Do: 2 of the same 4 DIY projects every month

Smarty Party: 4 DIY project, 2 repeat project, 1 exclusive project, coupons, and a free gift every month

Every subscriber has access to online instructional videos that teach STEM/STEAM concepts and promote ingenuity and creativity in a fun and encouraging way! It’s truly the best way to enjoy The Winkle Crate.

Say goodbye to the stress of remembering your next order. Just get your child’s favorite Winkle Crate shipped on time every month. Monthly subscriptions mean guaranteed learning opportunities for your kids and guaranteed quiet time for you!

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