Why Right Now is the Best Time to Try the Winkle Crate

If you’ve been on the fence about subscribing to the Winkle Crate, I’ve got some great news for you.

Can I get a drum roll?

The Winkle is offering subscriptions with your first month FREE! You read that right. This is your perfect opportunity to try out the Winkle Crate with no risk and no commitments.

Here’s how to get the deal:

  1. Go to thewinkle.com and hit that subscribe button!
  2. Select which subscription package you’d like to sign up for.
  3. Enter the code FREESTEM.
  4. Voila! $25 off for you.

This deal is only here for a limited time, so make sure you sign up today!

Why are we offering such a huge discount? We truly believe in our product. We believe that the Winkle Crate will benefit your children by getting them excited about STEM, growing their confidence and independence, and providing them with hours of fun and creativity. For those reasons, we want to get The Winkle into the homes of as many children as possible.

So give it a try. And if you discover that it’s not for you (though I truly cannot imagine WHY anyone would think that), then unsubscribe at any time. But I’d be willing to bet The Winkle will be a hit with you and your kids. With projects curated with care, and video instructions included with every activity, there’s so much to love.

Hurry because this offer will not be here for long! Subscribe today, and come say hi on InstagramPinterest, and YouTube to see more of what we’re up to.

**Offer code FREESTEM unlocks a $25 discount for new subscribers. Free box is only valid on Fun-for-One subscription. Boxes priced over $25 will have $25 reduced from their total price for the first month. If you do not cancel your subscription after the first month, you will be charged full price for subsequent months. $5 shipping still applies on all boxes. Offer ends December 24, 2020.

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