Why Did I Start A Small Business?

Why would a middle-aged mom of four, perfectly comfortable in life decide to build a startup? People ask me that all the time. The reason behind The Winkle is simple: I really believe in this cause.

I want to encourage kids to learn, explore, create, and imagine. With schools so focused on grades and standardized tests, creativity and fun are the first things cut from the classroom. Learning STEM is so important, but some kids are intimidated by subjects like engineering and technology. Making STEM approachable is key to The Winkle. Our projects are designed in a way that makes learning less overwhelming and more fun.

I was inspired to start The Winkle by my son. I’ve always been amazed by the way his brain works. I’ve purchased STEM subscription boxes for him in the past, but they weren’t open-ended enough for him. There was one correct way to do all the projects with little room for creativity and exploration. Seeing the limitations of those projects inspired me to make my own, making sure they were open-ended and inspired creativity. My son loves The Winkle projects because they’re smart, creative, and different — just like him. He even helps test and create Winkle projects!

Another way I found other STEM subscription boxes to be limiting was by the instructions. All Winkle projects come with video instructions, meaning that even kids who can’t read yet or struggle with reading can complete every project that comes in their monthly Winkle Crate. Making STEM accessible is central to The Winkle.

Running a small business isn’t easy. Running a small business while being a mother is even harder. But when people ask me why I started a small business, the answer is easy. Even with the struggles, I have the best job ever. I get to teach kids. My own kids are super involved. I’m learning all the time in an environment where creativity and fun are a must. The possibilities are endless.

Check out The Winkle for a peek at our projects and to see our mission in action. And remember to shop small this Small Business Saturday!

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