What People Are Saying About The Winkle Crate

We know every company thinks they’re the best out there- and even though we really DO believe that, we know it’s even better when others say it too. Check out some recent reviews from some of our Winkle Crate customers.

You’re juggling a lot right now. The Winkle Crate can help create some time and space for you to get work done while your kids learn and have fun.

No extra mess!? Say no more! You don’t need to store a full box of straws or extra pom poms anymore. Each Winkle Crate comes with exactly what you need, and nothing extra. It’s a win for everyone.

Don’t fear STEM subjects anymore! Your kids won’t even realize they’re learning the “hard” subjects like science and math as they do each of the four projects that come in a single Winke Crate box. Easily check off “Teach STEM” from your list.

The Winkle Crate isn’t just for moms and dads looking to teach at home. We have grandparents around the country subscribing to The Winkle and saving them for when their grandkids come over! Pass the link on to grandma and let her know your kids would love to play with the Winkle Crate when they come over.

Ya know those projects that require constant supervision? This isn’t one of them! With a complete step-by-step video tutorial for every project, your kids can get to work without your help. (yes, really!)

Check out TheWinkle.com for more information, to sign up for our monthly subscription or to buy an extra box in our store.

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