What is a STEM Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes have never been more popular. From razors to date nights to daily dinners – it seems like there’s a box for everything.

So what is a STEM subscription box, and why should you order one?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Lots of people also use the acronym STEAM, which includes art. The Winkle subscription box provides four hands-on projects every month from a combination of those categories. This is a great way to expand your child’s interests. If they already have an inclination for engineering, the Winkle Crate can build on that love while also introducing them to science and art. Talk about a well-rounded little learner!

Winkle Crates are delivered monthly right to your door. Do one project a week or all on the first day – whatever pace your child sets. Your child truly is in control. With video instructions included for every Winkle project, they can work independently with little to no supervision. In each video we provide easy-to-follow instructions and talk about the STEM principles behind the project.

What subscription packages do we offer, and what items are included in each package?

The Winkle offers three different subscription packages curated to meet your family’s needs. Each Winkle Crate includes all of the supplies you’ll need to complete all four projects. The packages are:

  • Fun for One. Four creative STEM projects delivered each month.
  • Two Can Do. Two sets of four STEM projects each month. This is the perfect subscription box for siblings, or for play dates with friends.
  • Smarty Party. The ultimate STEM subscription! You’ll receive two sets of the four Winkle projects each month and bonus STEM surprises. From STEM books and supplies to Smarty Party exclusive projects, you’ll enjoy endless fun!

Subscription boxes are a great way to get your child excited about STEM, and The Winkle makes it easy for parents and fun for kids. And, at an unbeatable price of $25 a month, you can feel good about investing in your child’s STEM learning.

To subscribe to the Winkle Crate, head to our website. Follow us on InstagramYouTube, and Pinterest to learn more about us and see more of our projects.

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