Two Big Benefits of Using Instructional Videos in Learning

Here at The Winkle Crate, we spend a lot of time making videos because we are so passionate about the benefit they bring to our Winkle Kids! While the battle of “screen time” may never end, adding educational videos to our child’s day can help them feel like they’re getting the screen time they’re hoping for, while you as the parent are just happy they might be learning something!

And while your kids might love just watching the videos, we know they will love participating even more. This type of learning is mirrored throughout their education, starting in kindergarten. Kids seem to make more connections by moving chips around a board while learning to count, compared to watching their teacher write the number equation on the whiteboard.

So, we are obsessed with video- but have we convinced you yet? Here are two reasons why supplementing our crates with the instructional video is a win for everyone involved.

Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning, or hands-on learning, is when kids do, not just listen, to what is being taught. It is when kids get to engage with the subject to solve a problem or create something (Like our latest project: The Gear Box). The best part? Our videos take the work off the parents at home as we “sit” right next to your child and teach them as they go through their Winkle Crate and create their monthly projects.

While there are plenty of STEM projects online, and even other subscription boxes, The Winkle Crate is the first to offer instructional videos with every project. We get it, even parents have a hard time understanding the instructional pamphlet sometimes! Access to our video library will ensure you are never confused about “where to put what”, ever again.

Right-Brain Development

Research shows children between the ages of 4 and 7 are developing the right side of their brain at a rapid rate. As we know, the right side of the brain is where visual and creative thinking lives. By incorporating science and engineering projects in a creative way, we are helping those traditional left-side brain topics merge with right-side creativity. Our kids no longer have to pick loving art OR loving science. They can love both!

Blooming Flower Project
Flying Bugs Project

Flying Bugs Project

The Blooming Flower Project was a huge hit for art and creativity, while the Flying Bugs Project required more analytical thinking. Our monthly subscription membership ensures a well-rounded STEAM experience every time.

To learn more about our subscription program and the kid and parent portals that come with a membership, visit

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