The Saga of the Sugar Bomb

My son is always concocting and mixing and experimenting. Ever since he was little, he’s been curious and creative. Sometimes a little too curious and creative.

Once, when he was 10, I got a call from him while I was out. He was at home and let me know that he had watched a YouTube video and gathered all the ingredients to make a “sugar bomb.” I had no idea what that was supposed to mean, but as a mom, I am cautious about both sugar AND bombs, so I told him “Hold on! I am on my way home right now. Please don’t do anything without me.”

I could see it all in my head: somebody’s eyebrows singed off, the kitchen destroyed, the house burned down. Utter catastrophe. It was a very long five minute drive home.

I raced into the house. Of course, by the time I got there, the kitchen was a complete mess, but the “bomb” was (thankfully) unsuccessful. He’d been trying to blow up a Mega Block. Grateful that the house was not on fire, I helped him clean up.

Raising a curious and creative son like Grant is my driving force behind creating STEM projects. I want parents to have pre-screened, fun, and safe chemistry projects that kids can do on their own. Each of my STEM projects is carefully tested and comes with an instructional YouTube video. Winkle chemistry projects are exciting, actually work, and won’t destroy your lovely home.

If this close-call sounds familiar to you, you’re not alone! And I have something that might help: The Chemist, one of the newest Winkle Crates.

The Chemist chemistry STEM kit for kids

Appeal to your child’s inner mad-scientist with the five wow-inducing projects in this STEM kit for kids. There are so many Winkle favorites in this crate: the volcano, rocket car, bouncy ball, sparkling firework, and invisible ink! Get a closer look at all the projects, and head to The Winkle Store to get yours now!

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