The Chemist: STEM Kit for Kids

Got something of a mad scientist on your hands? Trust me, I can relate. If your child likes making “potions” and “sugar bombs” (I do not recommend) like mine, then they’ll love The Chemist, one of the newest Winkle Crates.

Packed with five amazing chemistry projects, this STEM kit will keep your child entertained and engaged in an exciting way. These chemistry projects are safe and fun so parents can rest easy. Each project has video instructions, too, so your child can feel like a real scientist as they work independently.

Let’s take a look at the five chemistry projects you’ll find in The Chemist:

Volcano STEM project for kids


Learn about the parts of a volcano and then make your own erupting volcano in this awesome STEM project for kids. We’ll talk about magma, lava, the layers and parts of a volcano, and the different types of volcanoes, and then watch your volcano erupt!

Rocket Car STEM project for kids

Rocket Car

Build an alka seltzer rocket car! Learn all about wheels and axles, chemical reactions, force, and energy. Once your DIY rocket car is built, take it outside for a test drive!

DIY Bouncy Ball STEM project for kids

Bouncy Ball

Make your own bouncy ball! Learn about polymers, cross linkers, and chemical bonding in this gooey science project for kids. Your bouncy ball can last for weeks of play!

Sparkling Firework chemistry STEM project for kids

Sparkling Firework

Use chemistry to make a sparkling firework! Combine the base and reacting agents and watch your firework fizzle, bubble, and pop!

Invisible Ink STEM project for kids


Invisible Ink

Write a secret message with invisible ink! We’ll talk about pH indicators, bases, reagents, and chemical changes during this experiment. It’s not magic, it’s chemistry for kids!

Curious kids will love these gooey, bubbly, and exciting chemistry projects. Get all the supplies needed for all five projects in The Chemist, now in The Winkle Store. And check out the other Winkle Crates, like Engineering 101, Art Studio, and Body Works.

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