The Better Way To Do Virtual Learning

“I’m so done with online learning.” I hear this all the time. Virtual learning is tough and can be a challenge for both adults and children. But I have great news: virtual learning doesn’t have to be a total drag.

The main problem with virtual learning is that it isn’t engaging. Kids have a hard enough time focusing as it is. Setting them in front of a computer and expecting them to listen and learn quietly is wildly optimistic. Homeschooling isn’t an option for many families. Is there a middle ground? What if virtual learning could be engaging? What if learning time and playtime were at the same time?

This is all possible with The Winkle. With a Winkle Crate subscription, your child will be sent four STEM projects every month. Each project has video instructions, making learning at home accessible and easy – no matter their reading level.

The Winkle makes virtual learning hands-on. Put a project in their hands and watch as virtual learning turns from the worst to “can we do another one?” And the best part? There’s zero prep time for parents. The Winkle Crate will have everything you need so you always have educational and engaging projects on hand.

I’ve been teaching kids for over 15 years and have four kids of my own. I understand being a busy parent, and I understand that not all kids learn the same way. The Winkle is fun, creative, and easy to understand. Kids will be able to complete projects on their own, making learning at home simple and enjoyable.

Get started today! Head to to learn more and subscribe.

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