The Best-of Box

Because you deserve the best… introducing the newest Winkle Crate: The Best-of Box!

This STEM kit for kids is packed with four fan-favorite Winkle projects. The hands-on projects are fun, age-appropriate introductions to robotics, coding, circuits, and chemistry. Your child will love these projects and exploring these exciting STEM subjects. There’s a reason these are four of the most popular Winkle projects!

As always, all the supplies you’ll need for each project are included in the crate, and each project comes with video instructions for your child to follow along with.

Let’s take a look at the four projects in the Best-of Box:

Noodle Doodle Bot

Make a robot that actually draws! This project is a Winkle classic, and a fun introduction to robotics and engineering for kids.

Binary Code keychain STEM project for kids

Binary Code Keychain

Learn the basics of binary code with this fun activity! Make a keychain with your initials written in the binary code alphabet.

DIY flashlight with simple circuit


Learn how LEDs and circuits work while you make a flashlight! Make a simple circuit and see your flashlight glow.

Invisible Ink STEM project for kids

Invisible Ink

Write a secret message with invisible ink! Make your homemade invisible ink and reveal it with the reagent mixture. It’s not magic, it’s chemistry for kids!

These projects will encourage your child to learn and create independently in a fun and exciting way! Tough subjects like engineering and chemistry are made approachable and interesting for young kids. Get your Best-of Box now!

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