Summertime fun STEM kit for kids

Summertime Fun Box

Just because school is starting, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Make summer last with the newest Winkle Crate: the Summertime Fun Box!

This Winkle Crate is jam packed with FIVE amazing STEM projects for kids. These hands-on projects are fun, creative, and will get your kids outside and learning. With chemistry, science, engineering, and physics – your child is sure to have a blast.

As always, all the supplies you’ll need for each project are included in the crate, and each project comes with video instructions for your child to follow along with.

Let’s take a look at the five STEM projects in the Summertime Fun box:

Sundial STEM project for kids


Learn about the passing of time and how it relates to the sun in this fun DIY science project for kids. We’ll discuss how sundials work and show you how to make your own sundial!

Sponge boat STEM project for kids

Sponge Boat

Make a sponge boat! Learn about Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion as we build a boat using a sponge and balloon. Race your sponge boat in a pool or tub with a friend and experiment with different modifications.

Make your own sidewalk chalk STEM project for kids

Sidewalk Chalk

Make sidewalk chalk! Mix up your ingredients and, after a chemical reaction, you’ll have your very own homemade sidewalk chalk. When this science project is over, take your DIY chalk outside and play!

Paddle boat STEM project for kids

Paddle Boat

Make a paddle boat with a propeller and rubber bands! Learn about potential energy and how the boat moves in the water. Take it out to the pool, lake, or tub and give it a go!

Rocket Car STEM project for kids

Rocket Car

Build an alka seltzer rocket car! Learn about wheels and axles, chemical reactions, force, and energy. Once your DIY rocket car is built, take it outside for a test drive!

Get your Summertime Fun STEM kit now at! Check out the other available Winkle Crates, like Art Studio, Body Works, Best-of Box, The Chemist, and Engineering 101.

Summertime fun STEM kit for kids

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