Straws & Tape Tower

Straws and tape and straws and tape and tape and tape. Give your child this challenge and let them figure out how to conquer it: Build a structure as tall as you can that will hold your plastic toy. Add any rules or clues you think will be helpful. It’s a simple beginner engineering project full of fun.

For video instructions, check out The Winkle YouTube channel!

Supplies needed to build a structure:

16 straws of any size (more or less is OK. We found that 16 was about right)

1 roll of tape. Painters tape works well, but whatever type you have will be fine

1 small toy to proudly use as the lookout on the top of the finished tower


Here are some photos and tips to get you started:

Give it a good base.

Tape it to the table if you like.

Figure out how to slide the straws inside of each other at the joints to increase stability.

Cut a small slit on the end of the straw…

…fold another straw then slide it inside. Be sure to tape in place.

Figure out a plan, build, and tape as you go!

There are so many right ways to make this work

Be creative and think like an engineer!

Be sure you give your animal somewhere to stand.

If you loved this idea, click here for more projects that come to you complete with all supplies and a video link that will show your child how to do it. Most projects can be done independently, depending on the ability of your child, and will give you a few minutes of alone time.

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