7 Sensory Activities for Kids

What is a sensory activity? A sensory activity is anything that stimulates the senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. It even extends to balance and movement, as sensory play can help children develop their fine motor skills. It’s all about investigating and exploring.

Incorporating the senses into learning makes it more fun and memorable for your child. Especially with STEM subjects, which might be intimidating for younger kids. Learning can feel a lot more like play when kids can squish and fidget and experiment!

Here are seven fun sensory activities you can do with your kids!


Mix the simple snow ingredients in a baggie until you get the perfect consistency. Then smush it and sculpt it all you want! Observe the smell and feel of the snow. Create snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels.

Mindfulness Jar

This soothing activity calms the mind while stimulating the sense of sight. Watch as the glitter slowly descends through your homemade mindfulness jar. Give it a good shake and start all over again.

Twister Hopscotch

Work out both sides of your brain with this fun, silly game! Download the free game printable and watch the video tutorial for setup instructions.


This easy slime recipe is fool-proof. Mix in some fun add-ins like glitter and beads for an ooey, gooey, awesome time.

DIY Fidget Spinner

Make a homemade fidget spinner! This simple toy can provide endless entertainment. Can you do any cool tricks with yours?

Blood and the Human Heart

This science lesson is interactive and fun with the help of Orbeez! Learn about the heart and blood with this free diagram printable. Create your “blood” with Orbeez and buttons!

Button Builders

Make towers and structures out of buttons and clay! See how tall you can make a tower, or how wide you can build a wall. There are no limits with this activity!

Give these sensory activities a try! Your kids are sure to love them. Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel so you’re always up-to-date with my latest projects and activities for kids. Keep an eye on Pinterest and Instagram as well. Have fun!

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