Planning a Frozen Birthday Party

Lost in the woods when it comes to party planning? Don’t worry. From the menu, to the decor, to the party games – I have an entire Frozen-themed birthday party right here. These Frozen birthday party ideas are DIY and budget friendly, perfect for busy parents. Kids will love the Frozen-themed party games and snacks. Let’s get started!

The Party Menu:

This Frozen birthday party menu is inspired by characters from the movie, and is both budget and kid friendly.

Snowman Summer Punch

We all know a certain snowman who loves summer. He’d love this slushy, fruity sherbet punch. Best of all, you only need two ingredients!


32 oz tub of sherbet in the flavor of your choice (raspberry is a great choice!)

2 liters of lemon-lime soda

Optional: fresh or frozen berries

To make:

Scoop sherbet into a large punch bowl. Pour in soda. Stir. Allow 10-15 minutes for sherbet to melt a little before serving. Add berries, if desired.

Fixer Cuppers

This classic treat gets a Frozen spin, inspired by everyone’s favorite trolls. Don’t forget the crystals!


Vanilla pudding mix

Green food coloring

Crushed oreos

Rock candy sticks

To make:

Prepare pudding according to package instructions. Tint pudding with green food coloring. Spoon into cups, layering with crushed Oreos. Garnish with a rock candy stick.

Sandwich Station

Whether you finish each other’s or not, this subtle nod to Anna and Hans’ whirlwind romance will please your party guests. You can make it as extensive or simple as you like.

Ingredient Ideas:

Sandwich bread



Deli sliced meat

Sliced cheese

Peanut Butter


Make sandwiches ahead of time, or lay out ingredients for guests to assemble their own.

The Party Space:

These Frozen party decorations will set the scene for the birthday party. For your tablecloths, paper plates, utensils, and any banners, use lots of blues, whites – anything shimmery or sparkly or frosty will fit the theme!

Paper Snowflakes

Hang them from the walls, string them up above the table, and even lay some on your table. Add white glitter for an extra eye-catching effect. For easy paper snowflake templates, download this free paper snowflake stencil and get snipping! For a full video tutorial, go here!

Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights because they’re inexpensive but really elevate a space. You can go as far as creating a false ceiling, or just lay a few strands along your snack table. There’s no wrong way to do it!

Frozen Photo Booth

This doubles as decor and an activity. As guests arrive, direct them to the photo booth! Lay out props like hats, scarves, or even Hawaiian shirts and sunglasses for Olaf. Use a poster as a backdrop, or create your own using butcher paper or even just hanging a sheet. An instant camera makes for a fun keepsake for guests, but phone cameras work just as well.

The Party Games:

No party is complete without the games! These Frozen party games and activities can be easily tweaked to entertain kids of all ages.

Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Channel your inner Elsa and create snow! This craft is so fun and easy, and doubles as a party favor! All you need to make snow is baking soda and conditioner. Add a bit of conditioner to a baggie of baking soda. Start with a small amount and add more until you reach a good consistency. Pour onto a paper plate and build your snowmen! For a more detailed video tutorial on how to make snow, head here!

Don’t Let It Go

Place a bowl full of mini marshmallows and an empty bowl in front of each child. Using only a straw, kids must use suction to pick up the marshmallows and transfer them to the empty bowl. Whoever can transfer the most wins! Place bowls across the room from each other for more of a challenge. And remember, no Hans – oh, I mean, hands!

Marshmallow Toss

Line up mugs on a table and stand the kids a few feet away. Give each child a cup or bag full of mini marshmallows (you can reuse the same ones from the Don’t Let It Go game). Whoever can toss the most marshmallows in their mug wins!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman

This classic party game deserves a Frozen update. Draw or print out a picture of Olaf, without his nose! Then cut out a carrot nose. See if the kids can get the nose in the right place while blindfolded. For an added bit of fun, add a picture of Sven as well and kids can try to avoid feeding him Olaf’s nose!

These Frozen birthday party ideas are sure to be a hit. For more kid-friendly projects, activities, and party ideas, make sure to follow The Winkle on PinterestInstagram, and YouTube. Have fun!

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