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Olympic-Themed Activities for Kids!

The Olympics are finally here! After a lot of waiting, it’s great to see this worldwide event coming back. There are so many fun events to watch, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

To get into the spirit of the Olympic games, I’ve come up with some fun activities you can do as a family. Here are 4 Olympic-themed activities you can do with your kids:

Make a flagpole STEM project for kids

Make Flags
Root for a country by making a miniature version of their flag! Color your flag, engineer the pole, and use a working pulley system to raise the flag. Get the instructions for this activity here.

Acrobat STEM project for kids

Make an Acrobat
Get inspired by the Olympic gymnasts and then make your own acrobat using straws! This acrobat can flip and swing around a bar, just like a real gymnast. See the instructions for this project here.

Flip book STEM activity for kids

Make an Olympic Flipbook
Who doesn’t love a slow-motion replay? Create your own in a flipbook! The possibilities are endless. You can draw a diver flipping from the high-dive, a gymnast cartwheeling across a balance beam, a weightlifter, hurdlers – it’s totally up to you! Get the instructions here.

Famous Buildings STEM activity for kids

Recreate Famous Buildings
Learn about architecture around the world in this fun activity. Once you’ve finished all the famous buildings in the video, see what other iconic structures you can recreate. What about the Great Wall of China? Big Ben? Or a Japanese temple? There are so many options! Watch the tutorial here.

Hold Your Own Olympic Games
Come up with fun events like cup stacking, boat racing, or a ten meter dash. Keep score and have a little ceremony at the end of all the competitions! This is a fun way to get the whole family excited and moving.

Olympics STEM activities for kids

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