UFO spinner STEM project for kids

November Winkle Crate Preview

What am I thankful for? Awesome STEM projects! Your kids are going to LOVE the four hands-on activities in the November Winkle Crate. And parents are going to LOVE the insane deal we have going on right now. Read on to find out…

Every Winkle Crate comes with everything you need to complete four DIY-style, kid-friendly STEM projects. Not only that, but each Winkle project has online video instructions that walk your child through each step and explain the STEM principles behind the project. Your child will be able to independently complete these projects (younger kids might need a little help), which is great for their learning and confidence, and great for your sanity.

Here’s a sneak peek of the projects you’ll receive in the November Winkle Crate.

Harvest Corn (Math)

Hands-on math that also makes a cute fall decoration? Yeah. We did that. While making their own harvest corn, kids will learn to make and recognize patterns. Critical thinking and logic are at the forefront of this project.

UFO Spinner (Engineering, Science)

Calling all astronauts! Your child will create their UFO spinner, and we’ll discuss thrust and force in the instructional video as we go along, step-by-step. (See the UFO Spinner in action on our Instagram page!)

String Art (Art, Math)

We’ll learn all about area and perimeter while making this string art project! Don’t worry, this project is kid-friendly, meaning no nails necessary. Choose from the different templates or even design your own. YOU are in charge.

Thanksgiving Day Parade (Science)

Macy’s who? Create your own parade route at home with magnets! Design your own floats and even play some background music if you want. This is YOUR parade! We love incorporating The Winkle box in our projects!

Make sure to order the November Winkle Crate while you still can! You do NOT want to miss out on these projects. And, for a limited time, The Winkle is offering your first month FREE for new subscribers! Use code FREESTEM at checkout to receive $25 off all our subscription options.

For even more STEM learning at home, subscribe to The Winkle Crate for four projects delivered right to your door every month! The Winkle also has free online learning resources and a YouTube channel. Learning STEM at home has never been easier.

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