4 Engineering Activities You Have To Try

If your child has a knack for building – you’re in the right place. Learning STEM – especially engineering – can sound daunting. That’s where The Winkle comes in, making STEM feel more like play! These four engineering activities and challenges for kids are so fun, they’ll hardly realize they’re learning!

Better yet, each of these engineering projects is DIY-style and comes with video instructions, meaning that kids can do them independently. You might already have the supplies needed for these projects, but if not, there’s a super easy way to get them. I’ll explain that part later, but first let’s take a look at these engineering activities!

Animal Tower

Build a lookout for your animal. The trick? You can only use straws and tape! This tower building challenge will put those engineering skills to the test.

Water Wheel

Make a water wheel using plates, cups, and a lot of duct tape! When it’s finished, try it out under the sink. It’ll work just like a real water wheel!

Gear Box

Learn all about gears in this engineering project! We’ll talk about how gears work as we build our gearbox!

Jumping Joey

This activity will have you jumping for joy! Learn about pivot points and gravity while you make a jump rope guy.

These engineering projects will keep your kids entertained with hours of play and learning! To make learning STEM at home even easier, I’ve put together a STEM kit with all the supplies needed to complete all four of these engineering projects. It’s called the Builders Box, and it’s available in the Winkle Store along with other STEM projects and kits. Be sure to check them out and snag one before they’re gone!

Send a picture of your finished projects to The Winkle Crate on Instagram and Facebook. Keep an eye out on Pinterest and YouTube for my latest STEM projects and activities.

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