March Winkle Crate Preview

Spring is coming! Get ready for the four colorful, fun, and educational STEM projects coming in the March Winkle Crate!

The Winkle Crate is my STEM subscription box for kids. The Winkle STEM kit comes with everything you need to complete four DIY-style projects. Not only that, but each Winkle project has online video instructions that walk your child through each step and explain the STEM principles behind the project. Your child will be able to independently complete these projects which is great for their learning and confidence and great for your sanity. Winkle Crate projects are always STEM-based and DIY-style, meaning they are open-ended and easy to replicate and modify with supplies you might already have at home.

Here are the four projects you’ll receive in the March Winkle Crate:

Crawling Water Colors (Art, Science)

Learn about the color wheel, primary and secondary colors, and capillary action in this DIY color wheel project!

Bucket Towers (Engineering)

How many coins can your tower hold? This STEM challenge will put those engineering skills to the test!

Alka Seltzer Car (Science, Engineering)

Learn how a chemical reaction can create enough force to send your car zooming!

Zoo (Math, Art)

Design your own zoo! Using area and perimeter and measuring skills, make an enclosure for each of your animals. Decorate and get as creative as you want!

Make sure to order the March Winkle Crate while it’s still available! Subscribe to the Winkle Crate to get yours. You can cancel any time, but we think you’ll stick around. Boxes ship on the 5th of every month, so order quick!

For even more STEM learning at home, subscribe to The Winkle YouTube channel for more projects and fun and snag one of the free STEM printable activities from Learning STEM at home has never been easier!

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