Making a Crafting Space for Kids

I don’t know if your kids do this too, but mine will want to make something – a project or craft – and take MY scissors and never put them back. Or they can never find the cotton balls.

Setting aside a crafting space in your home will not only save your sanity, but will encourage your kids to be creative – build, paint, whatever it is they like to do. With a few tips, you’ll have a creative space that your kids feel comfortable in and supplies that they feel confident using.

You don’t have to have an entire craft room to have a creative space for your kids! Whether you have a corner of a room or just use the dinner table – these tips will help you organize a craft space for your kids that won’t drive you crazy with clutter.

Show kids where they can build their projects. Make a tablecloth available (if that is a rule). Show them the things they are allowed to use any time, versus things they need to ask permission for.

A simple three drawer organizer or even a tool box work great for holding together all their creative supplies. Labeling a drawer or section helps kids with clean up and to know when supplies run out.

Packaging can really get in the way when those creative juices are flowing. Younger kids especially might struggle with opening boxes and packets. Be sure everything is opened and ready for them to use.

Sometimes kids just need a little push to get started on their creative journey. These can be verbal or written prompts. Something like “build a bridge for your toys” can turn into an entire city! For some fun prompts and project ideas, check out these activities.

Having someone to bounce ideas off of or give encouragement is a key part of the creative process. Whether in person, over the phone, or online, consider inviting friends or family to join your child.

Bonus Tip: Consider a Subscription Box

I understand how difficult it can be to provide materials and ideas for creative children. The Winkle Crate makes the process as easy as possible with four curated activities (each with video instructions) and the exact amount of supplies needed for each delivered to your door every month. Winkle projects are meant to teach and inspire – and make crafting and learning at home easier than ever. Head to my website to learn more and subscribe!

I hope these tips were helpful. Making a designated craft space with clear expectations will give your kids the opportunity to create without stressing you out. If you have any additional tips or tricks, leave them in the comments below.

Create on!


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