January Winkle Crate Preview

New year, new STEM! I’m so excited about what’s coming up this year with The Winkle. We did a whole year of STEM projects already, and there’s a whole ‘nother year packed full of learning, creativity, and fun coming your way. I’d love to spill the beans and tell you about all the STEM activities there to look forward to from The Winkle Crate this year, but for now, I’ll just give you a sneak peek into January’s STEM kit.

The Winkle Crate is my STEM subscription box for kids. Every Winkle Crate comes with everything you need to complete four DIY-style, kid-friendly STEM projects. Not only that, but each Winkle project has online video instructions that walk your child through each step and explain the STEM principles behind the project. Your child will be able to independently complete these projects, which is great for their learning and confidence – and great for your sanity. Winkle Crate projects are always STEM-based and DIY-style, meaning they are open-ended and easy to replicate and modify with supplies you might already have at home. These are perfect STEM projects for elementary age students.

Here are the four projects you’ll receive in the January Winkle Crate:

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Snow (Science, Chemistry)

Snow that doesn’t melt, isn’t freezing, and can still make a snowman? Sign me up. Kids will learn how to make snow and the chemistry behind how it works. With proper storage, the snow will keep for a long time and hours of play!

Binary Code Keychain (Technology)

We’ll learn a bit of coding in this technology project! The finished product will be a keychain with your child’s initials written in binary code. Kids will love sharing and explaining this project to their friends. It’s like a secret code!

Fire Swing (Science)

Ah! Don’t let him touch the fire! This STEM project uses magnets to save that little guy from the fire. In the video tutorial, we’ll talk all about magnets, poles, resistance, and how it all works.

Acrobat (Engineering)

Let’s practice some basic engineering skills while creating an acrobat using straws! This engineering project will cover pivot points, which are very important when building and inventing.

Subscribe to the Winkle Crate to get four STEM projects delivered to your door every month. You can cancel any time, but we think you’ll stick around.

For even more STEM learning at home, subscribe to The Winkle YouTube Channel for more projects and fun and snag one of the free STEM printable activities from thewinkle.com. Learning STEM at home has never been easier!

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