The Importance of Color (And 6 Colorful Activities to Try)

Do you guys feel like the trend is black, white, and gray? Or if there are colors, they’re often muted? Color is severely lacking in people’s wardrobes, home decor, and even Instagram feeds. Have you noticed this trend extending to children, too? Take a look at popular baby and kids’ clothes. Even their toys are being leeched of color. What happened to the clashing colors and mismatched patterns of yesteryear’s family photos?

It might not be aesthetic or trendy, but I don’t care. I’m here to declare – I LOVE COLOR!!

An artist I admire, Wassily Kandinskly, once said “color is a power which directly influences the soul.” I couldn’t agree more! Have you ever noticed how color affects your mood? Try paying close attention to how you respond to different colors and see if you notice a pattern. Does your favorite color depend on your mood? My favorite colors are yellow and orange. They are bright, happy, and warm.

Color is invigorating. That’s why when I’m curating Winkle boxes, I’m constantly considering how I can add more color into each project – whether that be a rainbow of straws, or fun decorations to add to otherwise plain projects.

It’s okay if you prefer softer tones in your home and wardrobe (as much as I love the color, I would get a headache if I painted the walls in my house all yellow), but color is important to play and learning. When possible, incorporate more color into your kiddo’s activities. It’ll make everything a bit more fun.

If you’re feeling inspired and already reaching for the paintbrushes – awesome! To further inspire you, here are a few colorful Winkle projects to try:

Crawling Water Colors

Watch as the colors crawl up the paper towels and mix between them, forming a rainbow!

String Art

Create and learn in this fun art project! Colorful string and fun stencils make this kid-friendly string art project pop. We’ll even talk a little bit about area and perimeter.

Fingerprint Creatures

Messy, colorful, and silly – the makings of a great art project. We’ll share some fingerprint art tips and tricks, as well as talk about the science-y side of fingerprints.

Circuit Flower Pot

Technology meets art in this STEAM activity. Learn about color blending, LEDs, and simple circuits.

Blooming Paper Flowers

With a little bit of science, this art project comes to life! Use pastels to make a colorful flower, and then watch as science makes them bloom!

Pan Flute

Music, color, and science? This project has it all. Create a pan flute using colorful straws and then compose your own songs to play.

For more colorful projects and inspiration, follow The Winkle Crate on InstagramFacebook, and Pinterest. Take a look at my other STEAM activities on my YouTube channel (there’s an entire playlist of art projects to get started with).

Have a colorful day!

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