How to Make Paper Snowflakes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had plenty of paper snowflake fails in the past. You’ve folded, you’re cutting along, and then — you unfold to discover your beautiful snowflake looks more like a big weird blob with holes. It’s easy for kids to get frustrated while making paper snowflakes, so I’ve taken the guesswork out of this fun winter activity.

Introducing The Winkle Paper Snowflake Templates! This free paper snowflake PDF download is available on The Winkle website (take a look at the other freebies while you’re at it!). There are five different paper snowflake designs on the stencil (each triangle is its own flake).

In addition to the free stencil, you’ll just need some paper and scissors for this simple art project.

The stencils are so easy to use! The trickiest part is getting your paper folded properly at the start. You can watch a tutorial from The Winkle Instagram below.

The best part is, once you’ve gotten a handle on how to use the stencil, you can create your own custom paper snowflake designs! You can hang your paper snowflakes all over the house. I love putting mine in the window for a cute winter decoration (especially here in Arizona where we don’t get any real snowflakes).

I’d love to see your snowflakes! Send a picture of your creations to The Winkle Crate on Instagram and Facebook. For more winter crafts, learn how to make crystal snowflakes and how to make your own snow! There’s a whole playlist of art projects for kids on The Winkle YouTube channel, as well as engineering projectsscience projectstechnology, and math! Subscribe to The Winkle Crate for STEM projects for kids delivered right to your door every month.

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