Homemade Father’s Day Gifts

It’s time to show our dads some love! Need a last minute Father’s Day present? No worries. These three ideas for homemade Father’s Day Gifts are unique, creative, and easy to make with supplies you probably already have at home. Each of these DIY Father’s Day Gifts have video instructions so kids can easily follow along and make the gift themselves.

Here are three ideas for Father’s Day Gifts:

DIY Invisible Ink

Invisible Ink

Write a heartfelt secret message for dad! Make the invisible ink and reveal the secret message with the reacting agent. This is a Father’s Day card he won’t forget!

Origami Shirt

Dads will love this easy origami shirt. Find a fun-patterned paper and get folding! Finish it up with a tie and a message for dad! 

Wooly Willy

Give your dad a custom Wooly Willy! This vintage toy gets a DIY makeover. Draw a picture of your dad and use iron filings to give him a mustache, beard, goatee – the possibilities are endless. Dad’s sure to get a good laugh out of this one!

If you make any of these DIY Father’s Day gifts, I’d love to see how it turned out! Send a picture or video to The Winkle Crate on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy Father’s Day!


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