Harvest Corn Patterns

In this project from the November Winkle Crate, we created Harvest Corn! In addition to making a cute fall decoration, this project is a creative way to learn math and about patterns. Making your own harvest corn would be a great Thanksgiving activity.

Why are patterns important? Patterns help us organize information and make sense of the world around us. A pattern exists when a set of numbers, colors, shapes, or sounds are repeated over and over again. Patterns can be found in math as well as in nature, art, music, and literature. Patterns provide a sense of order in what otherwise might appear chaotic. Patterns can be found everywhere! Have you noticed patterns on animals? How about plants, or constellations and the solar system?

Researchers have found that understanding and being able to identify recurring patterns allows us to make educated guesses, assumptions, and hypotheses. Recognizing patterns helps us develop the important skills of critical thinking and logic. The knowledge and understanding of patterns can be applied in almost every area of life.

With the supplies provided in the Winkle Crate, there are enough beads to put 12 on each strand. Each strand on your harvest corn can be a different pattern.

We refer to patterns with labels like AB, ABD, ABBC, and many more. There are endless pattern combinations. How many can you come up with?

Complete this project by following along with our easy video instructions. Learning STEM at home is easy with The Winkle!

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