Gift Guide for Curious and Creative Kids

Some kids can be hard to shop for. You know the ones. That flashy new toy you bought? They already pushed all the buttons and switched all the switches, and now the toy is old news. So what can you give a curious kid that’ll keep them entertained and engaged longer than twenty minutes?

The key is open-ended gifts. We’ve talked about the importance of open-ended toys and play. Holiday shopping doesn’t need to be overwhelming. We’ve got some helpful ideas to get you going in the right direction to find the perfect Christmas gift for your child.

Here are 5 ideas of gifts to give your curious and creative kiddo:

1. Tickets to the Children’s Museum.

With interactive exhibits and games, children can find hours of entertainment at a museum. (Or even days of fun — consider getting a season pass to save on repeat trips throughout the year!) Not only do museums make for fun family outings, your kids will be learning all sorts of cool things. Dinosaurs, history, space — and those are probably just a few of the exhibits you’ll find.

If your child prefers biology and animals, look into passes for the zoo or aquarium!

2.  STEM books.

Books are a great way to pass the time, and books about STEM can be so much fun. And you can find them in any and every subject that interests your kid! Vivid pictures and fact-filled descriptions are both educational and entertaining.

But, if your kid races through books faster than you can build an IKEA shelf to store them all, we have another idea…

3.  A library card.

Specifically, their OWN library card. Maybe you go to the library often already, but imagine the excitement your child will feel when they get to use their own library card with their name on it to check out books. Not only is this gift free, but it encourages independence, discovery, and responsibility. They’ll have access to unlimited books and learning resources.

Children under 14 can get their own library card with a parent or guardian.

4.  Art supplies.

Clay, crayons, markers, paint — the possibilities here are endless. Art is an important creative outlet and will give your child the ability to express themselves and their wild imagination. For some art project ideas, head to The Winkle YouTube channel.

5.  The Winkle Crate.

This is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Once a month, you’ll get your Winkle Crate delivered right to your front door. And inside you’ll find four hands-on STEM projects for your child to complete. Each project is accompanied with video instructions, meaning that your child can work on the project independently (even if they’re not a big reader) and you’ll have some free time while they learn and create!

Wait, is this a gift for your child, or for you?

For more information about the Winkle Crate and to see our different boxes and subscription options, head to our site.

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