Fun Holiday Activities To Do At Home

There’s no place like home for the holidays. Although, at the end of a year like 2020, I can think of a few places I’d like to go that aren’t my home (okay, make that several). But just because the world outside is frightful, doesn’t mean we can’t still find ways to have a delightful time in our own homes. It’ll just take a little extra creativity this year.

To take one more thing off your plate, I’ve come up with a few fun holiday activities to do at home! These holiday activities are great for the whole family. Who knows — maybe you’ll find yourself some new traditions?

Hot Cocoa Charcuterie

Charcuterie — but make it festive. And fun for kids. And full of chocolate and candies. This is taking hot chocolate to the next level. I’m talking coffee creamer, spices, syrups. Arrange it all in a spread or just slap that bag of marshmallows on the counter. Have your own hot cocoa taste test and come up with concoctions you might not normally try. (Here’s a hint: try red velvet and Oreo coffee creamers — you can thank me later).

Paint a Postcard

Use watercolors to paint a fun postcard for a friend or family member! Send it in the mail to spread some holiday cheer. For watercolor tips and a video to show you how to paint a snowman, click here.

Choreograph a Ballet

Put on a dance-worthy soundtrack and get moving. I envisioned The Nutcracker, but you could go totally non-traditional and pick something like the N*SYNC Christmas album or Michael Buble. Get the whole family involved in the dance (even pets). Wear costumes, incorporate props. Make it as silly as you can. Laughs are guaranteed. And please, record your ballet/music video. Send it to family and friends to share the joy.

Present Relay Race

Make present wrapping a challenge! Try wrapping while wearing oven mitts, or using only one hand. Pass it along until it’s wrapped up nice and good with lots and lots of layers. Then reverse! Unwrap the present with wooden spoons, oven mitts, or using only your teeth! Make it a competition to see who can wrap and unwrap the fastest.

Make a Zip Line for Santa

You better watch out, because Santa Claus is zooming to town! For the video instructions on how to make your zip line and the list of supplies, head here. String it up from the top of the tree to the stockings on the fireplace. See how long you can make your zipline, or how steep. For even more of a challenge, incorporate your zip line into a bigger chain reaction and film it!

DIY Ornaments

The great thing about ornaments is that you can use pretty much anything to make them! Try painting, sewing, or even drawing. Use things from outside, like pinecones or leaves. You could get supplies from the craft store, but I’d bet you have plenty of things at home you could use. Give awards for the Most Festive Ornament, the Least Breakable, or the Most Colorful.

Give these holiday activities a try, and let me know how they go! I’d love to see your creations and ideas. Reach out on Instagram or Facebook. Have safe and happy holidays!

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