Free Printable STEM Activities

Free, fun, educational. It doesn’t get much better than these STEM activity printables. Some are active, some are worksheets, and some have STEM projects to accompany them – but all are sure to be a hit with your kids. These can be used at home or in the classroom. The only question is: which will you do first??

Twister Hopscotch

Learn about movement and how your brain coordinates your body’s movement. This fun game will involve your gross motor skills and access both sides of the brain. Get moving and have fun! For full set-up instructions, watch this quick video tutorial.

We Are All the Same

Do your kids know that all humans, no matter the color of skin, are the same on the inside? This printable focuses on awareness and mindfulness of our human bodies. We’ll look at parts of the brain, layers of skin, and more.

Flashlight Constellations

Study the constellations with your kids! This 5-page printable highlights some of the major constellations and tells the stories behind their names. To learn more about stars and constellations, check out this free online STEM lesson. Then make a flashlight constellation viewer! Watch the video tutorial for this STEM activity here.

Human Heart

Follow along this video tutorial about blood and the human heart! We’ll talk about what blood is and all the major valves, arteries, and veins. Fill out your printable diagram as we go along.

Paper Snowflake

These paper snowflake templates are perfect for making beautiful paper snowflakes with none of the hassle. It might not be winter anymore, but who’s to say you can’t make an indoor winter wonderland or throw a Frozen birthday partyHead here to see the folding instructions and templates explained.

Don’t Shake Hands

Put the “social” in social distancing. What are other ways we can say “hi” to someone without shaking hands? The funny charades-style game is a quick and easy way to show your kids how to be social without touching.

I hope you enjoy these STEM activities! Keep an eye out on my Pinterest and YouTube channel for the newest STEM projects and ideas, and subscribe to The Winkle Crate for effortless STEM at home!

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