Floating Balloon

Can you make a balloon float in the air without using helium? Of course you can! It’s a little like magic. Here is how you do it:

(Video instructions are available here)

Supplies needed for this magic trick :

1 circle cut from paper or index paper.  Ours is 4 1/2″

1 drinking straw, preferably with a bendable part on it

One small water bomb balloon

Tape, scissors

Other things to fancy it up, eyeballs, feathers, markers, tissue

Here’s how you make your balloon float in mid air:

Cut out a circle. 
Cut a slit from the edge to the center. You will need a little hole in the middle for the straw to fit through.
Overlap the sides and tape to make a cone shape. Fit the straw through the hole. It should stick up no higher than 1″. You can trim it down later if you need to. 
Secure the straw into the hole on the bottom side using tape.
Decorate your cone. It might look like a monster, bird, or silly face.

Blow up the water bom sized balloon, but not too big. Tie a knot. Trim the nozzle off close to the knot if you like.

Now give it a try. Place the balloon in the cone and gently blow!

Place the balloon into the cone and gently blow through the straw. The balloon should hover just above the cone.

Science of why this balloon floats without falling:

When you blow, the air around the ball creates less air pressure on the surface of the ball. As you blow you can see the ball wobbling while it is floating in midair. The ball is trying to leave the area of low pressure, but the higher air pressure surrounding it forces it back into the low pressure area. The cone shape controls the direction of the air and forces the balloon to stay in the air flow. Or it could just be magic!

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