Fall STEM Projects for Kids

Temperatures and leaves are dropping, and that can only mean one thing. FALL! With fun holidays and cooler weather, fall is the perfect time for festive family activities. These STEM projects for kids are fall-themed and great for indoor play.

Each of these projects has video instructions, so your child can complete them with minimal help and supervision! Let’s get started.

Pumpkin Chunkin Catapult

Did you know there are pumpkin-launching competitions? Make a miniature version and learn all about the physics and engineering behind how catapults work. Kids will love launching the miniature pumpkins and experimenting with other projectiles. Have your own pumpkin-launching competition right at home! For additional learning, check out this free online lesson: Catapults and Potential Energy.

Skeleton bones STEM project for kids

Skeleton Bones

Ooooooh a spooky science project! Use simple household supplies to make a model of the human skeleton. Learn all about bones, the proportions of the body, and how our skeleton helps us move. Then have your skeleton strike a pose! Get the supplies for this project and three other anatomy-themed STEM activities in the Body Works kit!

Harvest Corn

This math STEM project doubles as a fun fall craft! Learn about patterns while making a colorful stalk of harvest corn. Learning math AND making a cute fall decoration at the same time? That’s a major win-win.

DIY air hockey game STEM project for kids

Air Hockey Game

If your family loves sports, you’ll know that hockey season is right around the corner! Get excited with this DIY air hockey game that’ll allow for hours of fun. This project is a great way to recycle some of those cardboard boxes laying around the house (online shopping, anyone?) and provide some great indoor entertainment for your kiddos.

DIY flashlight with simple circuit


The days are getting shorter as fall goes on. Prepare for those dark nights by making your own LED flashlight. Kids will learn about simple circuits as they assemble a working flashlight! Use the flashlight to tell ghost stories in a blanket fort, or for playing hide-and-seek. 

These fall themed STEM projects are perfect for celebrating the season. I’d love to see how your child’s fall STEM activities turned out! Send a picture or video to The Winkle Crate on Instagram or Facebook. And check out the full Fun Fall STEM Projects playlist on my YouTube channel for more fun, educational activities like these.

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