Volcano STEM project for kids

Erupting Volcano

Ready to make your own erupting chemical reaction? Let’s make a volcano!

Here’s what you’ll need for this awesome STEM project:


Pencil and markers


Small bottle

Baking soda

Red Kool-Aid



Paper plate

And here’s how to make the volcano (video instructions are available here):

Draw the outline of your volcano on your paper. Label all the parts of the volcano, like the magma, rock, main vent, and layers. (Learn about the layers and parts of a volcano in the video for this project) Cut out the volcano and set it aside for now.

Use your paper plate as a place mat so things don’t get messy. Pour the baking soda and Kool-Aid into your bottle. Use the pipette to mix up the powders a little.

Tape your volcano diagram around the bottle so it looks like a volcano. Now it’s time for the chemical reaction! Make sure to do this part on the plate.

Use your pipette to squeeze water into the volcano and watch as it erupts! Continue to slowly add water as needed.

Wasn’t that so cool? For another fun chemistry experiment, check out the Rocket Car project! Make sure you keep up with The Winkle on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram so you never miss out on the latest STEM projects and activities.

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