Earth Day STEM Projects

Earth Day is coming up! I came up with a list of projects perfect for celebrating nature and the earth. These projects will teach you a bit about nature, recycling, or get you outside! AKA, the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day.


Learn about recycling and how paper is made! This project is a perfect opportunity to recycle paper scraps you can find around the house.

Flower Pinwheels

Make beautiful flower pinwheels and “plant” them in your own pinwheel garden. Place your flower pinwheels outside and watch them spin in the wind.

Sponge Sprouts

Plant your own little garden on a sponge! Learn about plants and seeds and watch your grass grow.


Learn to tell time with the sun! We’ll discuss how sundials work and show you how to make your own.

Rain Stick

Replicate the soothing sounds of rain with this DIY craft! Learn about how and why rain sticks are made in the instructional video.

Sun Art

Chemistry, art, and nature combine to make a cool photo print! In the video, we made a beach theme print. You can use anything for your project, like leaves or flower petals.

Which Earth Day STEM project are you going to try first? I’d love to see how it goes. Send a picture to The Winkle on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to check out this list of recycled cardboard crafts you can do next!

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