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Free Online STEM Lessons

The Winkle is all about STEM for kids. You might have seen some of our hands-on STEM projects for kids, but have you checked out any of our free online STEM lessons? Ranging from astronomy to architecture to binary code – these lessons are kid-friendly and serve as great introductions into STEM topics. These lessons …

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Mindfulness Project & Practice for Kids

Mindfulness can be explained in many different ways. A simple definition is that mindfulness is being aware of the present, which includes your mind, body, and surroundings. Practicing mindfulness is an effective way to reduce stress and manage strong emotions. This skill is valuable to adults and children alike. Learning to manage stress can significantly …

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7 Sensory Activities for Kids

What is a sensory activity? A sensory activity is anything that stimulates the senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. It even extends to balance and movement, as sensory play can help children develop their fine motor skills. It’s all about investigating and exploring. Incorporating the senses into learning makes it more fun and memorable …

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3 Easy Ways to Encourage STEM Learning at Home

If you’re looking for ways to supplement your child’s learning at home, you’re in the right place! Learning STEM at home doesn’t have to be overwhelming and difficult. In fact, it’s a lot easier than you probably think! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. So, I’ve come up with three simple ways to …

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