Color Crawl

Art and science combine in this STEM project for kids! What starts out as three colors slowly blends and multiplies, making a beautiful rainbow. Read on to see how it’s done, or watch the video instructions. To complete this project, you’ll need six paper cups, paper towels, color tablets (red, yellow, and blue), and water. Start …

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Design a Zoo!

Let your creativity run wild as you design and construct your own miniature zoo! This project has endless possibilities. What animals will live in your zoo? How large will your zoo be? What extras will you add? As always with Winkle activities, creativity and learning go hand-in-hand. This project doubles as a math game! Read …

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The Importance of Color (And 6 Colorful Activities to Try)

Do you guys feel like the trend is black, white, and gray? Or if there are colors, they’re often muted? Color is severely lacking in people’s wardrobes, home decor, and even Instagram feeds. Have you noticed this trend extending to children, too? Take a look at popular baby and kids’ clothes. Even their toys are …

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