Design a Zoo!

Let your creativity run wild as you design and construct your own miniature zoo! This project has endless possibilities. What animals will live in your zoo? How large will your zoo be? What extras will you add? As always with Winkle activities, creativity and learning go hand-in-hand. This project doubles as a math game! Read on to find out how it’s done, or watch the video instructions.

Here’s how to get started:

Gather supplies! To make our zoo, Ella and I used a flattened cardboard box, pipe cleaners, straws, paper cups, graph paper, markers, pieces of a pool noodle, glue, and popsicle sticks. You will also need a dice.

It’s time to plan your zoo! Roll the dice to get the dimensions for each animal enclosure. You’ll roll two times for each animal enclosure. The first roll will be the length and the second roll will be the width (We made a custom dice with numbers 3-8 so our animal enclosures would be a bit larger). Outline the enclosure on your graph paper and cut it out. Can you figure out the area and perimeter of each animal habitat?

Repeat those steps for each animal that will be living in your zoo. Once you’ve cut out all your habitats, you can color them if you’d like. Arrange them on your flattened cardboard box and glue them down.

Now it’s time to customize your zoo! Add anything you’d like. Ella and I made trees, animal feeders, a fountain, and a bench. You could make an ice cream stand, a gift shop, or a train for your zoo! Add whatever toys or materials you can find.

Everyone’s zoo will turn out different, and there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Send a picture or video of your zoo to The Winkle on Instagram or Facebook so we can see how yours turned out! If you loved this project, check out the miniature playground we made and give that a try, too.

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