DIY Boats, Cars, and Planes

Toy cars, wooden trains, model plans – kids love transportation toys. What if they could make their own, and learn a little at the same time?

I’ve compiled a few transportation themed projects that kids will love to build and play with. They can spend hours racing and experimenting. Each of these projects has video instructions, so kids can complete them with minimal help and supervision. You probably have most of the supplies already at home!

Sponge Boat

During this STEM project for kids, we’ll build a boat using a sponge and balloon. We’ll also learn about Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion while making the balloon-powered boat. Race your sponge boat in a pool or tub and experiment with different balloons, different amounts of air, and more. This is a great introduction to physics and science for elementary kids.

Paddle Boat

Make a paddle boat with a propeller and rubber bands! We’ll learn about potential energy during this DIY boat project. Elementary aged kids will learn some engineering and science while having a blast. Try to see how many toys your boat can hold up!

Propeller Car

Another fun engineering STEM project! Build a propeller car using a rubber band and learn about simple motors, potential energy, parts of a car, and more in the instructional video.

Rubber Band Helicopter

Okay, so it’s not exactly a plane. But this rubber band helicopter really flies! With just a few simple supplies, you’ll be flying in no time. Learn about inertia, energy, lift, and drag while you complete this fun engineering STEM activity.

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