Blooming Paper Flowers

Science + Art = beautiful Blooming Paper Flowers! This STEAM project is fun to create and fun to watch as your paper flowers will bloom right before your eyes! Include a secret message for a friend or family member to turn this project into a unique gift.

In the video instructions for this project, we’ll talk a little bit about color blending with oil pastels, too!

Here are the supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • Oil pastels
  • Cardstock
  • Water (just a small amount in a bowl or plate works perfectly!)

And here’s how it’s done (head here for the video instructions):

Draw or print a flower on your paper on the cardstock. (Download a free flower template here). Cut out your flower.

Color in your flower with the oil pastels. If you’d like, write a message in the middle of the flower. This will be revealed when the flower blooms!

Fold the petals into the middle of the flower. They will overlap.

When you’re ready to watch your flowers bloom, just place them in the water! It’s as simple as that.

Why does this happen? Paper is made of fibers pressed together (we’ve even made our own paper before!). When the paper absorbs the water, the fibers expand and push the tips of the paper out, making the flower bloom. Oil is water resistant, so the oil pastels make the paper absorb the water a bit slower.

Who knew science could be so pretty?

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