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Free Online STEM Lessons

June 11, 2021

The Winkle is all about STEM for kids. You might have seen some of our hands-on STEM projects for kids, but have you checked out any of our free online STEM lessons? Ranging from astronomy to architecture to binary code – these lessons are kid-friendly and serve as great introductions into STEM topics. These lessons […]

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Fun Outdoor STEM Activities

June 9, 2021

The sun is calling! Let’s get outside, get moving, and enjoy the outdoors. These STEM projects for kids are great for setting down the screens and spending time with family and friends, all while learning along the way. Here are six outdoor STEM activities – with video instructions! – that you can do at home: […]

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All About Volcanoes: Science Lesson and Experiment

June 4, 2021

Have you ever seen a volcano? You might already know a few things about them, like how they can erupt with lava! Let’s learn more about volcanoes, and then make a model volcano and chemical reaction. A volcano is a mountain that opens downward to a pool of molten rock below the surface of the […]

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Erupting Volcano

June 2, 2021

Ready to make your own erupting chemical reaction? Let’s make a volcano! Here’s what you’ll need for this awesome STEM project: Paper Pencil and markers Tape Small bottle Baking soda Red Kool-Aid Pipette Water Paper plate And here’s how to make the volcano (video instructions are available here): Draw the outline of your volcano on […]

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Make Your Own Sidewalk Chalk

May 28, 2021

Let’s use science and chemistry to make sidewalk chalk! This STEM project for kids is simple, easy, and fun. Afterwards, talk your chalk outside and get creative! To make your own chalk, you will need: Plaster of Paris Powder Pigment Ziploc baggie Warm water Silicone mold Let’s get started! (You can view the video instructions […]

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Flower Pinwheels

May 7, 2021

This fun STEAM activity is perfect for a sunny spring day. Gather up your supplies and let’s get creative! Watch the video instructions for this STEM project here. For this activity, you’ll need: 3 paper cups Pencil Scissors 3 skewers 3 dot stickers 6 flower stickers A box 3 straws And here’s how it’s done: Take […]

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Rainy Day Activities for Kids

May 5, 2021

Rainy days don’t have to be boring! Check out this list of six activities that are engaging, fun, and can be done indoors: Bucket Tower It’s the ultimate tower building challenge! See how many coins your bucket tower can hold. Watch the video instructions for pointers to get started, then the rest is up to […]

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Blooming Paper Flowers

April 30, 2021

Science + Art = beautiful Blooming Paper Flowers! This STEAM project is fun to create and fun to watch as your paper flowers will bloom right before your eyes! Include a secret message for a friend or family member to turn this project into a unique gift. In the video instructions for this project, we’ll talk a […]

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Technology STEM Projects for Kids

April 28, 2021

Learn about circuits, coding, and more with these awesome STEM projects for kids. These technology projects are fun, kid-friendly, and educational! If your child has an interest in computers and robots – you’re in the right place. Here are five technology STEM projects you can try at home: Brush Bot Make your own DIY Hex […]

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The Better Way To Do Virtual Learning

April 23, 2021

“I’m so done with online learning.” I hear this all the time. Virtual learning is tough and can be a challenge for both adults and children. But I have great news: virtual learning doesn’t have to be a total drag. The main problem with virtual learning is that it isn’t engaging. Kids have a hard […]

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Mindfulness Project & Practice for Kids

April 21, 2021

Mindfulness can be explained in many different ways. A simple definition is that mindfulness is being aware of the present, which includes your mind, body, and surroundings. Practicing mindfulness is an effective way to reduce stress and manage strong emotions. This skill is valuable to adults and children alike. Learning to manage stress can significantly […]

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Earth Day STEM Projects

April 16, 2021

Earth Day is coming up! I came up with a list of projects perfect for celebrating nature and the earth. These projects will teach you a bit about nature, recycling, or get you outside! AKA, the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day. Paper Learn about recycling and how paper is made! This project is a […]

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