Back to School Hack

The Winkle is the ultimate back to school hack. Whether you order a STEM kit for kids or download a freebie, The Winkle will help your child get back into the swing of the school year. Here are a few ideas on how you can use The Winkle as a back to school hack.

Gets kids excited about learning

It can be hard to jump from a freedom-filled summer to full days in the classroom. Make that transition a little easier by showing your child how fun learning can be! Winkle projects are engaging and hands-on, making learning interactive and exciting. STEM projects like the Volcano and Rocket Car can show your child that learning doesn’t have to be a drag.

Awesome after-school activities

Don’t let learning stop at the door. Encourage your child to experiment and create even after they get home from school. Fun STEM projects like the Bouncy Ball or Invisible Ink feel a lot more like play than a chemistry lesson – but who says they can’t be both?

Supplement homeschool curriculum

If you homeschool your children, kudos to you! Use Winkle projects to enhance your child’s learning at home in cool and creative ways. Make Skeleton Bones to learn about anatomy or engineer a Paddle Boat to introduce your child to physics. There are so many Winkle projects available in kits or on YouTube. Be sure to check out some of my STEM lessons right here on the Winkle Blog, like Architecture Around the World and Binary Code for Beginners!

No more Science Fair stress

You know the feeling. The night-before madness, the frantic glue sticking to a poster board. But no more. Encourage your child to share what they’ve learned by using a Winkle project for the science fair! Your child will be so proud showing off their science experiment they did all on their own.

Build confidence

School isn’t easy for some kids. Certain subjects – especially STEM – can be intimidating for young learners. Boost your child’s confidence by introducing STEM subjects in an approachable way. Hands-on STEM projects with video instructions make it possible for children to complete projects and experiments all on their own! The sense of independence and accomplishment they’ll feel can give them that extra bit of confidence they need to succeed.

Give it a try! Let The Winkle encourage your child’s love of learning, provide educational fun, and boost their self-worth. Head to The Winkle Store to see the available STEM kits, and follow along on Instagram for more inspiration and ideas.

Back to school hacks for kids

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