A free resource to help teach your kids STEM subjects at home

I live in Arizona and school is back in session and for now that means learning at home. Many parents are struggling with doing school at-home that is usually mixed with some online component from their school teachers.  

But what’s missing?  What are kids not getting in their education?  Hands-on learning! We know kids shouldn’t be in front of a computer all day (doesn’t the two hour screen-time limit also apply to “educational” learning??) Research indicates that children learn so much better when they are using those fine motor skills and any parent who has watched their child learn and play agrees. Fine motor skill development can improve: daily tasks, handwriting, independence, and even self-esteem.

I want to point you to a free resource- The Winkle YouTube channel

There are nearly 50 free project videos on there, all teaching STEM to kids. For many of the projects you can gather supplies from around your house or improvise in some way (I use DIY type materials in all of my Winkle projects). Some current favorites are the Sundial ☀️ or the paddle boat ⛵️

If you see some projects on The Winkle channel that you really want your kids to make, but don’t want to gather all the supplies, we got you! Make it easy and order the project from The Winkle Store and we’ll ship it right to your door. Every Winkle box has 4 STEM projects, all corresponding with one of those videos. It really makes homeschooling and this modified at-home schooling so much easier for parents and better for kids.

I hope you enjoy the channel.  Subscribe if you want to be notified when I put out new videos.  And as always, reach out if you have any questions.

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