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7 Science Questions Your Kids Ask

Has your kid ever stumped you with a tough science question? Be prepared next time they ask you a question and amaze them when you don’t have to Google the answer! Each of these STEM Q&As has a related STEM-based project you can do with your kid! Let’s get started!

Q: How are rainbows made?

A: A rainbow is formed when light hits water droplets in the air and is refracted, or bent, as it passes through the droplets. White light is actually made up of colors – the same colors that make up the rainbow. So when the white light is bent, all the colors are exposed!

Now that you’re an expert on rainbows, make your own Rainbow Spinner!

Rainbow spinner STEM project for kids

Q: What is a black hole?

A: A black hole is an area in space where matter has collapsed on itself! This means a lot of matter is condensed into a tiny amount of space. Black holes have strong gravitational pulls and suck in everything close to it. They even absorb light! Nothing can escape from a black hole. But don’t worry – there are no black holes near Earth.

Learn more about stars with the Flashlight Constellations activity, and discover even more about space with the Stars & Constellations online lesson.

Flashlight constellations STEM project for kids

Q: What are bones made of?

A: Bones are made of connective tissue that is strengthened by calcium and specialized bone cells. Most bones also contain bone marrow, which creates blood cells.

Learn how many bones are in the human body and how they all connect in the Skeleton Bones project!

Skeleton bones STEM project for kids

Q: Where does wind come from?

A: Cool air is denser than warm air. This means that hot air rises (think of a hot air balloon) and cool air sinks closer to the Earth. When warm air rises up toward the atmosphere, cooler air flows over the Earth’s surface to replace the warm air. This cycle (warm air up, cool air in to replace) is what causes wind!

See wind in action by making Flower Pinwheels!

Flower pinwheels STEM project for kids

Q: What is the tallest building in the world?

A: The Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the tallest skyscraper in the world! It was completed in 2010.

Learn more about architecture and make models of other iconic structures in the Famous Buildings project!

Architecture STEM project for kids

Q: What is inside the Earth?

A: The Earth is made up of layers. The Earth’s surface is called the crust. Under that is the mantle. The core of the Earth is made of hot liquid metal.

See the Earth’s layers in action in the Volcano project!

Volcano STEM project for kids

Q: How do astronauts sleep?

A: Astronauts sleep in sleeping bags attached to the wall of their spaceship.

Learn a bit more about how rockets fly and make a UFO Spinner!

UFO spinner STEM project for kids

So, did you learn something new? Your kid will be blown away by your knowledge. Make sure to follow along here on the Winkle Blog and Instagram for more learning resources – like these free Online STEM Lessons for kids!

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