6 Things To Do On New Year’s Eve With Kids

It’s the age old question: what should I do with my kids on New Year’s Eve? Whether or not you’ll be staying up ‘til midnight is up to you, but these fun New Year’s Eve activities for kids are family-friendly and sure to be a hit.

Make Mocktails

Break out the (non-alcoholic) bubbly! Fruity, colorful, bubbly drinks are a fun way to celebrate any occasion. Kids will love having their own festive beverages. Experiment with different juices and sodas to find a flavor you love. To make it even more festive, use fancy glasses (plastic ones from the dollar store are great for young kids) and toast to the new year! One of my personal favorite mocktail recipes that’s super easy? Mix Sprite and orange juice, a bit of strawberry syrup, and fresh cut strawberries. Yum!

A Year in Review

Make a newscast-style video recapping some of the wildest events of the year (It shouldn’t be too hard to come up with ideas for that). Get creative with it! Make a song or a rap. Make sure to film and share with family and friends.

Ultimate Board Game Showdown

Pull out your favorite board games and have a marathon competition! This activity is great for staying up late, or start earlier in the day for younger kids. Add extra twists, like beat-the-clock time limits or even try playing them all at the same time!

Fill Your Calendar

This activity doesn’t have to be mundane! Pick out a calendar for next year and have some fun filling it out. Label birthdays and holidays with stickers or drawings. Look up fun extras, like National Cookie Day or National Dog Day (FYI, National STEM Day is November 8) and put those on the calendar, too! There’s so much to look forward to.

Make a DIY Party Popper

Cue the confetti! Celebrate with this easy-to-make party popper. You probably already have all the supplies at home. Get the list of supplies and the video instructions here.

Make a Time Capsule

Commemorate this crazy year by making a time capsule. Include highlights, news, and mementos from the year. Get the whole family together to write a letter to yourselves. Talk about milestones, favorite things, and goals. Seal it in the time capsule to open on next New Year’s Eve and see how things have changed in one year. Then do it all over again!

Who said New Year’s Eve with kids couldn’t be a blast? If you try any of these New Year’s Eve activities, I’d love to see it on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy New Year!

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