4 Homemade Gifts to Make With Your Kids

Homemade gifts are so special. There’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when you receive a gift, knowing that the giver spent time, thought, and care to make it specifically for you.

The Winkle is all about creating things, and what better thing to do with your creations than share them? These gifts are easy to make and all come with video instructions, so kids can work independently! (That’s a gift in itself, am I right?)

Our projects are always DIY-style and STEM-based, so in addition to making these fun homemade gifts, your kiddo will also be learning!

The gifts are perfect for everyone — gifts for teachers, friends, parents, grandparents — and they’re great for any holiday or occasion. Here are four Winkle projects that make thoughtful homemade gifts:

Blooming Paper Flower (Science, Art)

Just add water and watch your flowers bloom! Oil pastels and paper flowers make for a pretty present. You can even write a note that will be revealed when the flowers bloom. We’ll explain the science behind how this project works as we create.

String Art (Math, Art)

This kid-friendly string art DIY doesn’t require a hammer or nails, and the finished product makes the cutest decoration! Use one of the included stencils, or kids can print or draw their own. Kids will also learn math concepts during the instructional video.

LED Circuit Card (Technology, Art)

Learn how to make a card that lights up! We’ll talk about circuits and LEDs while walking your child step-by-step through the process. There’s plenty of room for creativity on this fun project.

Circuit Flower Pot (Technology, Art)

Make a glowing flower! This project makes a beautiful flower with a light tucked inside. Anyone would love to receive this as a gift. In the instructional video, we’ll talk about color blending, LEDs, and circuits!

Aren’t those projects cool? Learning, creating, and giving — it doesn’t get better than that.

You might already have the supplies for some (or all!) of these projects at home. If not, it might take some hunting at craft stores. Or, we could do all the heavy lifting for you with… The Gift Giving Box! When you order the Gift Giving Box, you’ll receive ALL of the supplies needed to complete the four hands-on STEM activities pictured above, delivered right to your front door. No scavenging at the store, and no unused craft supplies. Your child gets exactly what they need in the box, no extra clutter.

We have other specialty boxes currently available, like the Builders Box (perfect for kids interested in engineering), the Smartest Artist Box (fun for curious creators), and the Mystery Box (for kids who like surprises and a little bit of everything). You can find all of them in the Winkle Store.

For even more STEM, subscribe to the Winkle Crate, our STEM subscription box for kids, to get four projects delivered to your door every month. We have great options for siblings, so get the whole family in on the fun! For a limited time, receive the first month of a Fun-For-One subscription free, with code FREESTEM at checkout. (Two-Can-Do and Smarty Party subscriptions will receive a $25 discount on the first month using that same code.)

Happy STEM-ing!

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