3 Tips for Homeschool Beginners

“Never say never” is the new theme of 2020, and many parents find themselves homeschooling this fall (despite their insistence they would NEVER EVER). So whether it’s by choice or the only choice you got, here are our 3 tips to make the transition to learning at home a bit smoother.

Don’t try to replicate the classroom

One of the beautiful things about homeschooling is the chance to leave behind the rules of the classroom. You don’t have to have desks or a reading corner or a designated time for crafts. You’re in charge and you don’t have a principal checking to make sure you’re doing it “right”. This means homeschool can look like a table at the park or cuddled up on the couch reading books or watching Bill Nye.

If you search Pinterest for “homeschool ideas” and walk away feeling like you need a total home renovation before you begin, take a deep breath, let those pretty pictures go, and make the most of what you have.

Use technology, but don’t become dependent

There are countless videos and online games and courses that can certainly “teach’ your kids everything on their list- but the beauty of homeschooling is being able to branch out of traditional settings. There are countless studies that argue children playing independently for hours in nature are doing more for their brains than sitting in front of a screen for math. Understand how technology will aid in your homeschool approach and then stick to the boundaries you put on them. Find your favorite programs and leave the rest behind.

Don’t forget STEM!

We’re sad to see that science, technology, engineering, and art were the first topics to get removed from shortened day curriculum and adjusted schedules. Obviously here at The Winkle we LOVE those subjects and believe teaching them will help our kids learn invaluable skills in the real world. Create a well-balanced schedule that allows for the “fun stuff” like art and science.

Don’t forget- here at The Winkle we’ve made it SO EASY to incorporate this subject into your homeschooling curriculum. 4 projects in each monthly box means you can do one project a week and have the whole month planned. The video-instructions are a great way to “pass off” the teaching to someone else for a few minutes for you to catch a break and “grade papers” 😉 The easiest way to take advantage of The Winkle is to become a monthly subscriber, but you can also purchase crates separately. You’ll find all the details at TheWinkle.com

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