3 Reasons Your Kids Should Be Doing Art Projects

Can you believe September is just one day away? How did that happen? Here’s a sneak peek at this super fun project coming out in the September box.

Did you know I taught art for over 15 years before starting The Winkle? I majored in Fine Art, and I LOVE making it accessible to kids. We believe so passionately that kids NEED art as part of their curriculum. Unfortunately, with the different hybrid models of learning right now, art is usually the first thing to go.

We would argue art is even more important now that our kids are learning in front of screens and doing countless worksheets.

3 ways art benefits kids:

Focus– even toddlers who scribble learn how to calm their bodies and minds and zero in on one thing. That’s a priceless skill that comes in handy when we’re waiting in line or need them to sit quietly for a few minutes. As kids age, their ability to focus for more extended periods increases, and art is a great way to stretch that skill for them.

Self expression– saying how we feel is hard as an adult, and it’s even harder for children. Art is a beautiful outlet our kids can use to express themselves. We love asking kids, “can you color a photo of how that makes you feel?”- especially when they’re angry. Allowing our kids to express themselves through art teaches them mindfulness and self-awareness that benefit them their whole lives.

Coordination– is there anything cuter than watching chubby toddler hands cutting, taping, gluing, and coloring?! We say no way. School-age kids become more and more aware of their hands and must use both hands to create (something that doesn’t come with writing). So next time you want to help get that sticky piece of paper off their gluey hands, hold off and let them figure it out. Their brain is growing in the process!

The September Winkle box is packed full of STEM/STEAM projects for your kids, and it ships out September 5. Go to www.thewinkle.com to subscribe today!

(p.s. Grandparents: This is a perfect gift for your grandkids!)

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