2 Holiday Activities to Do With Your Kids

It’s December, and at this point in 2020, I think a lot of us are running low on ideas for things to keep the kids entertained at home. Usually, being home for the holidays is what I look forward to, but being at home has gotten a little… old. So, in addition to your regular traditions, we’ve come up with two fun holiday activities to do with your kids to make things a more exciting!

The awesome thing about these holiday activities is that they double as STEM projects for kids. They’ll be learning while they play, and won’t even realize. And each of these projects have video instructions! No confusing directions to read, you can see each step completed as you go, and we explain the STEM principles behind the project so you don’t have to!

Santa Sleigh Zip Line

Send Santa zooming in your very own zip line! Experiment with adding different objects to the sleigh and adjusting the angle of your zip line. What makes the sleigh go the fastest? In the instructional video, we’ll talk about the science behind this project, including friction, gravity, and slope.


DIY Party Popper and Noisemaker

Get ready to ring in the new year with this celebration time project! Kids will make and decorate their own confetti popper and harmonica noise maker, perfect for New Year’s Eve celebrations!


We hope you have fun with these holiday projects! We’d love to see your creations. Send us a picture on Instagram or Facebook and we might feature your project on our page!

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